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Drain Cleaning:

We use state of the art technology for secondary and mainline stoppages. In clearing out drains, we are able to use cable or our highly recommended Hydro-Jetting service! We carry mini, Spartan and US Jetters to clear tough stoppages that may be blocking the line. 

Hiniker Plumbing Specializes in Hydro-Jetting to clean your drain and sewer lines. Hydro jetting is the only process that can actually properly clean your drains. A cable machine works as a temporary fix but does not clean the pipe. It just creates a small hole in the debris inside the pipes. A Hydro-Jetter uses water to scour the pipe walls clean of It is amazing what a full size Hydro-jetting machine with a rotary nozzle will cut through.


Residential and Commercial Services:

Kitchen lines 

Laundry lines

Bathtubs  / showers 

Lavatory sinks 

Main lines 

Area drains

Utility Sinks 

Bar Sinks

Floor drains / sinks 

Grease traps and interceptors 

Mop Sinks

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